Agenda 2023

Discover the agenda of events 2024 at the Château de Champchevrier

Contemporary art exhibition - The Fugitives - Eve Champion

Contemporary art exhibition - The Fugitives - Eve Champion

Cyanotypes on paper.

"Those who see us, who guess us, suspect us, and the others who cross the visible. During my walks and research, I shared the paths the living had traced in these wild areas, it was for me the only way to penetrate into the thick forests. I realized that we humans always share the trails of the boar, the paths of deer, during walks or foraging. Spaces are already mapped: territories, vital paths are entangled in a space of convergence. The tracking leads me to meet the animal from a distance.  Gradually, the information collected allows me to imagine other ways of living, of thinking. Momentarily, there is a kind of indistinction between the animal and me. This experience insinuates our closeness, and therefore imposes, as Baptiste Morizot puts it, our diplomatic obligations with the living."

This exhibition finds an ideal setting at château de Champchevrier : you can often see a deer by the window at the back of the castle !

The Hounds meal

The Hounds meal

Every Thursday at 4 p.m between July 13 and August 17.

It's quite impressive to watch the 70 hounds gobbling down their meal !


Free for visitors with a Castle entrance ticket.

Candlelit theatrical visits : “On s’agite au château!”

Candlelit theatrical visits : “On s’agite au château!”

On Fridays July 14, 21 and 28 and on Monday August 14 at 8p.m and 9p.m.

Come for the candlelit theatrical visit and enjoy the magic of summer evenings at Champchevrier with your family !

“There is excitement at the castle! »
For one night, the ghosts of the castle meet in Champchevrier. Their mission: to help visitors find the treasure that will save the castle. A nurse from the first world war, an 18th century bride, a servant from the Renaissance, a soldier from the 30 years war. Each of these ghosts will bring snippets of clues over the plays.
Young and old are invited to participate at the same time as they discover the Château de Champchevrier. Humor and enchantment guaranteed.

Possibility to picnic before the visit in the castle park (from 7:30 p.m.).

Choose the time that best suits you : 8 p.m or 9 p.m

Prices: Full price 12 € - Reduced price 7-16 years 9 €

Family rate (2 adults + 2 children) 35 €

Art Installation 

Art Installation  "Eros and Thanatos" - Gwendal Houplain

In a mystical dialogue between his sculptures and the remarkable collection of tapestries entitled "Les amours des dieux" (17th century, Manufacture Royale d'Amiens, based on cartoons by Simon Vouet) housed at the Château de Champchevrier, young artist Gwendal Houplain invites us this summer to meditate on the timeless nature of the human condition, punctuated by our universal drives for desire and death. Gwendal Houplain is obsessed with mythology and humanity's relationship with reality through the stories it tells. Discovered by visitors after the suite Les Amours des Deux by Simon Vouet, his installation of the God Argos puts these myths into perspective - not without a sense of humour: Argos' eyes film the visitor live, who can discover himself by means of a QR code... Somewhere between mythology and George Orwell! Finally, in the archive office, Gwendal will be showing visitors some no less surprising vanities. 

Free for visitors with a Castle entrance ticket.

Picnic and music

Picnic and music

On Friday August 25 at 7 p.m.

Champchevrier invites you to come and enjoy a musical picnic at the château with the 7-piece group Electromp, the trumpet that fuses with electro, dance and jazz.  Dance, electro, swinging, funny, unexpected!

You're about to hear another kind of horn: the kind that makes you shake your head in nightclubs, but also the kind that could be part of the 'blower' section in a jazz big band.
It's not 'dead' but 'alive', in homage to Gainsbourg and our beloved Edith, because JAC's horn has no regrets, especially when it sounds the famous Saint Hubert dressed in a toga like the gospel bands of New Orleans.
Under the direction of Didier Marty, whose reputation extends beyond our borders, Electromp brings the trumpet out of the woodwork by taking it on the road to the blues, the famous Route 66 that crosses the United States... And why not come to Champchevrier to dance a Madison while drinking a... beer from the local town of Bourgueil!

So come along, listen and taste!

At the château you'll also find local ice creams from La Gautraie farm in Sonzay.
There are plenty of tables on site - bring your own folding chairs or sit on the grass, whichever you prefer!

From 7pm to 11pm.

Price: 9 € per person. Free under 7 y.o.

We recommend to buy your tickets in advance online.